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I was so thankful a friend suggested Schreiner's!! I was sick to go out and find this injury on my 3 month old colt's leg. I cleaned it and wrapped it and then started quizzing other horse owners on what the best product is to use on leg injuries to help prevent proud flesh. As you can see in the pictures, proud flesh started to settle in, but after ordering and using Schreiner's it cleared up and healed nicely!
Shelli Muller, West Lafayette, IN
I am a 3rd generation entertainer and horse trainer. This summer my dancing horse cut her front knee cap badly. We are performing 7 days a week for the entire summer and I was very distressed that my horse was not able to perform. The cut could have used stitches but it is useless to stitch the knee cap. So I asked my savvy horse friends for input on taking care of and healing this wound quickly. Screiners was recommended and I had it overnighted and started using it immediately. The cut is healing wonderfully - better than I expected! I am really pleased with the product and would certainly recommend it! Thanks for your help and your great product! Heidi Herriott and Lady Dancer
Heidi Herriott, Parrish, FL
Just wanted you to know, that your wonderful Schreiner's Herbal Solution not only works great on all types of animal wounds, but I have been using your solution on my proud scars from 8 surgery's for the past 10 years. After my surgerys,I have the type of skin that leaves very large and deep scars on my body.I have had scars left from doctors cutting into my hips and stomach to retreive bone graphs.I had very large and wide scars left from having my back fused, both knees replaces, and scsrs left from an ankle fusion,wrist fusion that rub on my clothing and shoe, very painful. Well I have use your solution on my scars, and within two-to-three weeks, you could hardly see a scar at all.I have recomended your herbal medicine to at least 50 people here in Montana, for use with there farm animals, and told many people who were left with bad scars from their own surgery's. I would recieve phone calls from people after two to four weeks, laughing and crying as to how well your product worked to relieve them of painful scars. I would tell them to pass the word about you herbal solution. You should try to market it to the plubic as well.I suggested to a friend of mine just today about using your product. I believe in it's healing properties 150%. Thanks for making pet owners, and people like me a better life by using your product.
—Patty Bleazard, Kalispell, MT
I want to order a spray bottle of medicine but would like it overnighted. Could you please let me know if we can do that on Monday. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you,
Heidi Herriott
—heidi, baraboo, FL
Okay so Tug isn't a horse but she's a big Newfoundland dog almost as big as a horse. Tug loves to swim and is wet pretty much most of the summer. We try desperately to keep her dry by blowing her coat when ever we catch her wet, but still she is prone to hot spots which when they get started can spread like wildfire. Thank you Shreiner's for getting to the root of the problem by stopping the spreading and accelerating the healing. Tug is also still working for her championship in conformation so keeping her hot spots in check, coat loss at an absolute minimum while still allowing her to be a dog is just what I had been looking for. Thank you do much.
—Jacquie Ostendorf, Curlew, WA
My horse is the most accidentally prone horse ever injuries include major laccerations to his face a d back due to trailer accident, pierced by a T post in his throat and chest, and then the worst one when he rolled into a straight wire fence and got his leg hung up for an unknown period of time he was cut almost to the bone. Scheiners product kept him infection and almost scar free. I will never not have this product in my barn. Ive been a faithful user for 9 years

—Shelli Evenson, seeley lake, MT
I have used this product for about 7 years or longer. I will attest to anybody about how well it works. It is awesome. I had a filly they said I couldn't heal up, Schreiner's did the job. Just wanted to let you know that.
—Jill Lambson, Bloomfield, OH
My foot doctor recommended your herbal solution to help with the plantar warts I have on my very human feet. Dr. Dallas Morgan has never steered me wrong yet in regards to my feet-so I can't wait to try your product and see how it works on my plantar warts on the bottam of both of my feet.
I have been using your product for my feet and it has made a tremendous difference in the size and pain on my plantar warts. I have been using your product about a week. I have one wart on my right big toe (underneath the big toe) in a bad spot where the crease is from where the toe goes into the rest of the foot and your product has made a big positive difference. The area that is tender is getting smaller and smaller and the wart itself is changing, it is getting smaller and smaller and looks like it will be going away (hopefully). The two on my left foot are not in such a horrible place (thankfully) and are much less tender and rarely bother me at all thanks to your product. I have been using a cotton swab and dipping it straight into the bottle rather than spraying it on. The method of spraying it on doesn’t seem to be as effective since this is my feet we are talking about. I have already mentioned your product to a friend from church whose warts were bothering her really badly yesterday at church. My foot doctor knew what he was talking about. I am a believer in your product. Thanks so much. Candace Clester
—Candace Clester, Perry, GA
I have been using Schreiner's for about 20 years. I was lucky enough to live in the Northwest when it first hit the market in our local feed stores. At that point I knew it was a good product but over time I have learned what amazing things Schreiner's can do. I have said for years I should write a testimonial because lord knows I tell anyone who will listen how great this stuff is. As I have moved from state to state I have demanded my local feed stores carry Schreiner's so if I run out I don't have to wait for an order to come in.
I own 20 horses and I do a lot of rescue work so our herd fluctuates from 20-30 horses. Many of the rescue horses have injuries that have not been properly cared for and I have discovered that Schreiner's can soften and heal just about anything a horse can do to themselves.
My most amazing Schriener's heal would have to be Stormy. Stormy was hit by a car and required 110 stitches. It was the worst non-lethal injury I have ever seen. For 3 months we did water therapy and Schriener's on his wound 2X a day, It took six months for the wound to close except for a small quarter size hole that remained for nearly a year. When all was said and done Stormy was sound and nearly scar free. The only place you could see any kind of scar was the quarter size hole was bare when he shed his winter coat and if you looked real close you could see where his hair grew in a funny pattern, it wasn't really a scar just a change in direction of the hair. Stormy has been re-homed and is making a great family trail horse thanks to Schriener's.
I use Schriener's every day on at least one of my horses for minor bits and scratches. There is no wound to big or to small for me to spray some Schriener's on. As a result I have a herd of trail horses without scars or proud flesh.
Thanks for making such a wonderful product that I have relied on for years and will continue to reach for every day.

Karen Hardy
Santa Fe Stables
—Karen Hardy, Espanola, NM
My weanling halter filly fell in the horse trailer on the way to a show, she pulled all the skin off the back of her knee. We were told to wrap her and stall her for 2 weeks which wouldn't go over well with a hyped up weanling. We decided to try your product and we are amazed with the results, and it was so easy to use! No wraps, no stall rest, just your product used every day. The filly will be back in the show ring next month showing AQHA and AHHA halter classes. Thanks!!
—Kimberly Clark, Floral City, FL
I'm sending you additional photos of the history behind my previously sent testimonial dated 1-4-2010. I hope they will download this time around.

I continue to feel strongly about the abilities of Schreiner's and am always telling my horse friends about it.

I would like to inquire about becoming a dealer for you. I didn't see anywhere on the site regarding this, but figured I could ask.

I have a web site where I am already a dealer for dac Vitamins and Minerals. I chose to do this ONLY because I believe in the products and I KNOW that they work. The same way I feel about Schreiner's.

If this is something that you would be interested in, please get back to me with some details.

Sandi Lamrouex
—Sandi Lamrouex, Davis, IL
I am astounded. I have a rare form of trigeminal neuralgia. I have tried everything and nothing worked until my husband brought home your magic formula . For the first time in years I have had periods of being pain free. I have tried all the usual highly toxic drugs, been to the top neurosurgions to no avail. The last doctor I saw called me desperate. I am no longer desperate. I have a tool that works miracles thanks to you. I will tell my friends with this horrible disorder about your amazing product. I am happy for our four legged friends but even happier for the two legged ones. You have changed my life forever and I am very greatful.
—Melinda Melvin, Newman Lake, WA
Schreiner's has been my miracle spray on more than one occasion.
I was first introduced to it when my horse had a fungus on his back haunch and I went in search of something to clean it up. Always a lover of natural remedies, I grabbed a bottle of Schreiner's and hoped for the best. I had expected it to take a few days to show improvement and a few weeks to fully clear up, but even after one day I could start to see that it was working! And by the end of the week it was almost fully gone!
Since then I've used it on scratches, cinch sores, and deeper cuts. I've never encountered something that works as well and it has a permanent position in my first-aid bag.
—Marisa Kraxberher, Lakewood, CO
This is a story nearly as old as your product. It must be eighteen years ago that one of our mares got tangled up in sheep fencing and cut her leg so badly my husband, upon finding her, was sure she would have to be put down. The vet came and gave her antibiotics, though there was no flesh left to stitch up. I don't recall exactly how long it was that I used the antibiotics, but the wound was not healing. A friend recommended Schreiner's. I was scared to death, but I stopped the antibiotics, used the Schreiner's and was stunned by the results. I come from an allopathic medical family, so switching to something natural was a huge step for me. I live in Italy now and sadly there is no Schreiner's over there. That's why I'm on the website now--ordering two bottles to take back with me. Thank you Schreiner's.
—Elena Latici, Woodstock,, CT
Dear Shreiner's,

I have to say that I've always had my doubts when it comes to these self-proclaimed "miracle" drugs, natural medicines etc.....well my story begins about a year ago I purchased a new horse and didn't get home until 2am in the morning after picking him up. My old 25 year old mare was so upset after I put him in his stall that she frantically ran around her turnout and somehow wasn't paying attention and crashed head-on into a tree. The collision left her with about a 6 inch long gash under her forlock and it literally "scalped" her. I could peel the whole flap of skin back which began right under her forelock and the flap folded back to almost right between her ears. You could see her skull! I was horrified and being that I live in a rural area, there was no chance of anyone coming to stitch her up at 2am! My friend came over the next day and helped me clean under the flap of skin and then she gave me her bottle of Schreiners. I had never seen or heard of it before. After cleaning under the flap of skin, we put it back in place and I sprayed Schreiners on the wound twice a day. To my astonishment the wound healed within 2 weeks and there is NO scar. I can't even find where the actual wound was at! I swear by your product now and I tell everyone this story! I almost wish she did have some scarring because I don't think anyone beleives me how bad it actually was, you're product works too good!!
—Carissa Nickols, Overgaard, AZ
This, not laughter, is the best medicine!! I have used this for years, as once you've tried it, nothing else is worth having. I used to buy it at a tack shop (that no longer exists), and one day the owner was telling me about a puncture wound in one of her horses. After she told me of all the methods/medicines she had used, I asked if she had tried the Schreiner's that she sells - she had not. I told her to go home that day and try it. A couple weeks later, I went back and she told me the wound was healing so well, she felt foolish for having carried the product and not trying it until someone convinced her to do it! Hey, after the two wire cuts I've treated (one currently, is a cut that is on the back pastern - rear foot - just at the heel bulb), I'm a loyal fan - I've even used it on my mom with good results! And she loves to tell her friends I use horse medicine on her!! Thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!!!
—Roni Van Fossen, Farmington, MO
Well a couple weeks ago I noticed my mare getting dry spots on her side. I thought it was normal because I live where it is hot and she has to be in an outside stall all the time. A couple days ago I noticed that that dry spot turned into something that looked like a scab peeling off. Doing some research it really looks like some type of fungus. I am very close with her old owner and asked him for help he gave me some purple stuff he had and it didnt seem to do much. I remember i had Schreiner's in my shed and sprayed some on. The next day the scab looking thing is starting to dry up and its looking like its healing and continues to look better each day and it's getting rid of a lot of the "flaky" nasty looking skin. I even got a cut up at my stalls one day and it was bad I sprayed some Schreiner's on it, not having anything else, and it healed up faster then any other cut I had before. I love how its spray on to because my mare tends to get very kicky when you are trying to clean cuts out. Overall I reccommend this product!
—Kristi, Lake Havasu, AZ
We bought a young paint mare about 2 months ago(October 2009) with a deep wound on her back knee area. My husband having an eye for nicely bred horses and having Vet experience said she would go cheap at the sale and he would doctor the knee. She didn't seem all the way lame, but the knee looked pretty bad. We were surprised to see that this horses sire was from the area of Colorado that I grew up in. So with that we were excited and called the sire's owner. She told us about Schreiner's Herbal Solution and we said we would order it. We used it everyday for a few weeks and it was amazing what this product has done. The wound has healed very well and has made terrific progress. We did not take pictures at first, but this is after a couple of weeks on the product. We will take more this week with the progress which looks even better. We will recommend this product to anyone who needs it....thanks so much.

Meghan and Dean England
Temple, Texas
—Dean and Meghan England, Temple, TX
Schreiner's never ceases to amaze me! My mares were out on summer pasture at a friends. One day a mare came in with a nasty front leg wound that was about 3 days old.
I brought her home and hosed it off. The edges were hard and curling out. I opted to spray the wound with Schreiner's and then wrap it in order to soften the edges. I sprayed the gauze pad also and wrapped the leg, leaving it there for two days. I changed the wrap every other day for 2 weeks, running the hose on it with each change. After 2 weeks, I left off the wrap and sprayed on the Schreiner's several times a day for the next 3 weeks. The end results are seen in the photo below. After this she continued to fill in with hair and has a thin scar that even a vet could not have done a nicer job with his stitches! As a matter of fact, I never even called him. I KNEW Schreiner's could handle the job.
Thank you for all you do.
We have a standardbred mare that is very definitely accident prone with her legs. After healing up a small wound with my remaining supplies of natural things I had brought over from UK, she then cut one of her legs again, but much worse. I spent a good couple of hours scouring the internet for something good, as I've done the veterinary route in the past with stitching, antibiotic/caustic creams & even laser treatment, still to be left with hideous scarring. I came across Schreiner's Herbal Solution and ordered some. It worked, exactly as promised and better, very easy to use and quick and superb results with no scarring what so ever. That was around 18 months ago now, and she's since managed to cut legs very badly twice since, with the same amazing results after a few weeks. Not only that, but when we first got some chickens last year, our very boisterous puppies thought they were fair game, and seriously attacked one of them tearing off all the flesh from the underside of the hen's neck. I used Schreiner's on her, and not only did all the skin grew back, but so did all her feathers, and she's still laying and hatched out a brood of chicks of her own this year. I can't say thank you enough to Schreiner's for this wonderful product and really can't understand why it's not available in all the equestrian stores in this part of Canada - it really should be, it's number one in my first aid kit now!
—Rachel James, Clairville, NB
This is an injury my horse got from kicking his stall door. I had the vet out to take the proud flesh off and bandage it. Well, it was almost closed up (first picture) and it got infected and blew wide open ( second picture). The vet told me to cold hose it everyday and apply Schreiner's to a clean wound ( he was also on antibiotics). I started using it on September 24th. The third picture is on November 4th, and the fourth picture was on November 24th. I highly recommend Schreiner's. He is recovering VERY quickly. This is all being done un-bandaged. I will post more as time goes by. The other great part about this spray is the spray bottle is quiet and he never knows that I am spraying his leg because he can not hear it, nor does it sting or burn when I spray it. We are all very happy with this product and have since got a bottle for home, since I also have 2 very accident prone children as well.
—Tanesha, Olympia, WA
Last month I bought a mare from out of state and when she arrived she had an old wound on her leg with a large protrusion of granulated flesh sticking out of it. After using what the vet gave me for over two weeks and having no luck, I decided to try your herbal solution on it which I always have on hand for fresh wounds. I am still amazed. After only a couple of applications the flesh began to die back and in only 6 days it closed up and now it's a tiny scab. Thank you so much...
—Lori Judnick, Gardnerville, NV
Years ago I saw photos and product at a local feed and tack store and decided to try it - wow! It has been the best thing I've ever found. I am starting to use it for human needs too. Thank you for such an incredible product. I am presently using for my dog who just had surgery. Because it worked so well in healing an area on my dogs leg, it has prevented potential amputation! I am so grateful for your product!!!! Sandra
I used your product for many years at a friend's house on her horses. I noticed hair regrowth and healing from summer eczema and another condition that caused mane loss. However, the dramatic results were seen with cuts and warding off proud flesh. It was useful on dogs, also, for hot spots, post op, cuts, etc. I used it on a hard to heal spot on the top of my head, and on other minor scrapes, cuts, and bruises. Boy, what a pleasant fragrance, also. It was good as a liniment for swelling and soreness for myself
I have been asking at every feed and pet store, and was glad to find you were still in business. I hope to find some to deal with the coronet and heel bulb sores, and pastern swelling on my new Icelandic mare.
Sincerely, Ksenia
Thanks and I love your product. Have used it off and on for many years. I have a gelding that is prone to injuries (rubbing, scraping, etc.) and I use it on him. The last time I used a prescription (expensive) medication from the vet which didn't work, I sprayed on some very old Schreiner's solution on him which turned the wound bright red. I thought I have done it now. But the next day it was almost healed.

Some time ago (maybe about 15 years ago) I was taking care of some horses for an absentee owner that was having heart surgery and during a storm, the gelding had impaled himself on a cedar stake which they were using for fencing. The gelding had a very large opening in his neck/chest which we found a day later after the roads opened up from the storm. After calling the owner's wife, she instructed me to use Schreiner's solution and after about 7 days the wound was almost healed. I never would have believed it and to this day I still can't believe it.

Thanks for a great product.
Janet Baca
—JANET BACA, San Francisco, CA
My horse had rubbed off nearly 3/4 of his tail. My husband suggested I try the herbal solution. As soon as I tried it the rubbing stopped immediately! Now every morning I spray it on his tail & rub it in. Wish I had thought of this sooner ...
—Judy, Quakertown, PA
I used this unbelievable product the first time several years ago when my horse SMOKE went through a fence and had terrible back legs. It is so amazing that I now use it anytime he gets a cut or scrape.
My veterinarian recommended it. I have used this product on many horse injuries with great success. I don't waste my time buying other topical medicines as they don't work.
Our Vet left some for us to treat a wounded horse -- it worked miracles. After that I started using it on all wounds and injuries on both horses and the dogs. It is Great for Hotspots on dogs!
—SHARON R. WHITE, Steinauer,, NE
I own & operate a large animal wound care facility. (as well as being a veterinary technician). I have used Schreiner's Herbal Solution for about 11 years now and since that time, this product is what I exclusively use from start to finish. The attached pictures are of a horse that tried to "cut his head off". There was a lot of damaged and contaminated tissue. After trimming edges I packed the wound for 3 days to get a little granulation tissue to fill the void and used Schreiners from that point to the end. 1 year from the last picture the horse came to the clinic for a coggins and you could not tell the horse was ever cut. All the hair grew back,it looked like a "cow lick" there.
I can't say enough about this product.
This is another wound care horse.
2 year old gelding in a pasture with bred mares, who knows what the heck happened. You could stuff a football in his chest. Look what Schreiner's did in less than a month.
This is a Mediterranean donkey that was attacked by two Bull Mastiffs. There was basically a "rump roast" removed from donkey.
This wound took 6 weeks to heal in. I used Schreiner's from start to finish. He has a very small scar compared to what the gaping wound was.
I credit your product with saving my horse Buckshot's life and saving me lots of money! After he cut his lower thigh on a toilet tank (long story available), I nursed him for months with salves and wound care potions, wrapping each night and finding the wrap around his ankle or off the leg the next morning. I had the vet out several times to cut off the proud flesh that developed and kept coming back, and the vet was talking euthanasia. The wound was about five inches square.

Then, one day in a feed store, I saw your booklet showing the horse that is now on your Web site wound care page. I never had to call the vet for proud flesh again - it just dried up! Instead of wrapping every day, I just sprayed the Schreiner's on and walked away. I am really surprised that your advertising still does not mention this as a benefit. Proud flesh must cost horse owners plenty of money every year! Buckshot lived several more years with a scar only about an inch wide.

I am now out of the horse business and living in San Diego. I was surprised when I went looking for Schreiner's in several feed stores before I found it. Do you have a southern California distributor or are you just selling on the internet?

Because I no longer have large animals, I don't need a large bottle, but I really liked the little travel size. I know you still bottle Schreiner's that way because your special offer includes one. Please tell me where I can find the travel size by itself. Also, I would like some friends to try Schreiner's but they are turned off by the larger size and its price. If they could try the travel size at a more reasonable price, I'm sure they would be convinced to buy more.

Maybe you would like someone to go around to vets, feed stores and ranches and convince them of the wonderful things your product can do. If so, please contact me. Honestly, I have no sales experience, although I am a teacher and not shy about approaching strangers, but I am so impressed with your product, and so convinced of its healing properties, I think it would almost sell itself.

Thank you for your consideration.
Miriam Mustain
We've been using your product for over 20 years. I can't even remember how we got started using it. My mother, Cathryn, uses it on/for everything. In our family, Schreiner's Liniment is known as "Mother's VooDoo Juice"! We have turned so many people on to your product, we think we should be getting a kick back on the product. :-) It comes first on our "Don't Leave Home Without It" List. Over 20 of our family members went on a Love Boat cruise to Mexico last Spring. We had 3 separate bottles of Schreiner's with us! Keep up the good work, but please do your best to keep it affordable. Thanks, Alice
I wanted to thank you guys for the prompt delivery of your product. I can tell a difference in this CAMELS wounds already. Two weeks of your product has done amazing things for our guy. This CAMEL fell trough the floor of a old worn out horse trailer on his way to our rehab. His feet were in terrible shape and his pads were almost gone. He does not appreciate me yet, he still thinks that every human wants to hurt him, so doctoring is a duty.. However, just being able to spray your product on his wound is easy;, easy for him and easy me. I. will send pics as he heals. I am hoping it will be a story that can finish with a happy ending, thanks to your product.
I purchased a mare with a baby at her side. When I went to pick them up the beautiful grulla baby had a piece of meat hanging just above her right leg that used to be her front shoulder covering the muscle. She had run into an old piece of barb wire fence at its current home. We cleaned, cut away the dead flesh and rewashed and I told the current owner I still wanted them both. He said I could have the baby for free in the current condition. I took them home..contacted the local shops to find the Schreiner's spray I had heard so much about. I did as directions said and only used the spray on the wound. I did this for 6 weeks. I went through 2 bottles at the cost of $40. The wound completely sealed shut, there was no scar, and the hair completely covered. No white hair that showed damaged skin tissue. The colt was as beautiful as ever.rnNow I recommend it to every horse person I meet with an ailment. We've used it on warts, sun burn noses, cuts and scrapes...and every time we have the same result. THANK YOU.rnrnBrenda in Wisconsin
—Brenda Wachter, Clintonville, WI
I have to join the others on your testimonials who tried Schreiner's on themselves for fungus. I have had ringworm (dang barn cat) now for several months and I have tried EVERYTHING (including bleach... not so much recommended). Nothing was working and I was very frusrated. So my friend suggested I use Schreiner's, which we have used successfully on our horses' wounds for years. I thought--what the heck? To my complete and utter astonishment, it is working! It is drying up and killing the fungus and healing my skin at the same time. I am shocked, amused and extremely grateful. Great product!
Hello: I have been a loyal Schriener’s user for the last decade (and then some). My most noteworthy experience came with a thoroughbred I owned while in Florida. “Ice” was a rescue who had been warded to the state of Alabama after an abuse investigation, and I purchased him at a horse sale as a nine year old stallion. He had suffered extensive damage to his left pectoral muscle (he was missing most of it and had a space in his chest that could accommodate two man’s hands between his chest wall and the inside of his foreleg) which had been successfully healed prior to his purchase. Several months after his purchase, I turned him out with one of my mares so that he could pasture breed her. He was an overzealous suitor at first, and he learned after several very strong kicks to his chest that he needed to adopt a more romantic attitude if he were to succeed in his mission. Unfortunately, his education came at the price of reopening the old chest wound. I called out my vet hoping that he could stitch Ice’s chest back closed, but was told good luck, and that he didn’t think it would ever successfully heal. WELL… I decided to pull out the Schriener’s and lo and behold, his chest, which was supposed to never heal, was completely closed with no air pockets and no infection in three weeks. I had him gelded very shortly after the wound was reopened, and he actually healed faster in his chest than he did in his groin. From here on out, I’ve been a confirmed believer!
I tried your product because nothing else was working on my horse's injury. I was amazed and very pleased with the results.
Been using you guys for years. LOVE the stuff! Works on everything! Thank you! Marci
I bought my granddaughter a horse for her 8th birthday, and she had been injured when she was being loaded, which tore her pastern. I tried everything I could find, but proud flesh took over, and she had a bloody mass about the size of a large grapefruit. About 2 weeks ago I was in D&D in Seguin, Tx, and I saw your product on the shelf and decided to give it a try. I am totally sold on your product. Within 2 days, the bloody mass dropped off and there is barely a spot the size of a quarter that has a scab on it a week later, and I only applied it twice a day. My granddaughter and myself thank you very much for this product. I am a great believer in herbal remedies and you and your product prove once again there's always an answer in nature. PS: 'Sugar' says thanks too!
After using "Schreiner's" for over 15 years, I can say that it is the best wound healing product available! I wish all veterinarians would accept it's ability. If it works, it works. I have yet to see it not work as well, if not better, than sutures. I hope it will always be available for years to come. Thank you.
I have used it for years and had amazing results. I first found you in a feed store in Olathe, KS, Lloyd's Dog & Horse, but we moved to OK, and can't find it here. I love your product. Thank you.
I was battling a face wound on my horse for 2 months and $1000.00 in vet bills. A neighbor gave me your product and in 1 day he improved and in less than a week it is almost completely healed....thank you!
I run a wildlife rehabilitation center. Sometimes a hawk or owl comes to rehab after being tangled in barbed wire. Sometimes a mammal comes after sustaining an injury from car hits or caught in fences. Sometimes water birds come with open wounds from being tied with fishing line. When these animals come to rehab they are kept indoors thru' the critical time, then moved to outdoor enclosures. I find that using the Schreiner's Herbal Solution on healing wounds not only keeps the flies and other bugs off the wounds but also seems to promote speedy healing of the wounds. Both of these birds in these pix healed and were released.
—Donna Ralph, Colorado Springs, CO
Love your product. It is great for canine hot spots and horse injuries! It does what you claim! I have proven it time and time again Thanks for such a great product.
—Jeanne McIntyre, LEESBURG, GA
My young Friesian gelding developed a couple of raised bumps just behind his elbow, though his girth does not cover them. This horse is groomed daily and they would not go away.One bump seemed like a skin tag. You'd scratch it off and it would bleed and heal over but wouldn't go away. The second bump was actually a few raised fleshy lumps, all tolled, no bigger than a nickel. Asked the vet about it and he said it was nothing to worry about and to put some cortisone cream on it.Instead, I cleaned the area well with chlorhexidine and sprayed your product on the area, which foamed slightly as I rubbed it in past the haircoat. The next day the skin tag was gone and the second set of bumps formed a couple of raw scabs but are completely flat. Just treated it a second time and it's clear that what little remains will soon be completely gone as the edges shrink, the skin returns to black (its natural color), and the haircoat returns. Amazing!
—Leslie Berro, Davidson, NC
On the order form in the section 'How did you hear about us' Jackie wrote: "Loyal user...I swear by it for my own boo-boos...I have no pets or animals. "By return Email I asked Jackie if she would expand the comment and write a paragraph for the website. Well, I got more than I bargained for! Thanks, Jackie.Here it is, just as she wrote it. If it does not interest you just skip to the next testimony. Schreiner's was given to me by an old rancher I met at a trade show. He was not selling it. It somehow had almost miraculously healed one of his horses who got horribly cut up in a barbed wire fence and the rancher just wanted to introduce others to the stuff. He told me that I could safely use it on any cuts or injuries that I experienced on my own body just as he always did. So, I took it home and quite a while later began using it. First, I cautiously applied it to cuts and other boo-boos and watched them heal much quicker than normal. After that it became second nature for me to use it for any skin injury...including on my face. I quickly learned that Schreiner's stopped blemishes on my face almost [if not] overnight. So, any time I notice a slight blemish beginning I just dab on the Schreiner's and the next day it is usually gone...gone! Another use of Schreiner's occurred when I had a slight toenail fungus and started putting it under the nail to see what it would do. The fungus disappeared...not immediately, of course...but it did go away. Now, it is a matter of habit for me to use an eye dropper and put Schreiner's under each toenail every couple of weeks as I give myself a pedicure and the fungus has never reappeared. It gets better, hang with me. Since I had been putting this stuff on the very sensitive skin of my face for a few years... after having some cosmetic surgery done I had no hesitation in applying the Schreiner's to the sutures in an effort to assist in the healing. I dared not tell my cosmetic surgeon [who is a very holistic cosmetic surgeon and very attuned to alternative healing methods and meds and had already prepped me with herbs] what I was doing but he always commented on how quickly I was healing. I have very light blonde hair and the solution did not even stain or discolor my hair. So...I snuck that one in on him. Then a few months following the cosmetic surgery I had a chemical peel that didn't quite work so well. Even though I had been allergy tested twice [on my face] I still had a bad allergic reaction to the peel. A deep red rash covered all the skin on my face and there were lots of blisters. I was told that it does happen occasionally and that instead of a ten day healing period I would now have to undergo pretty much a 6 week healing period. Needless to say, that bummed me out. Then...having nothing to lose...I again resorted to Schreiner's. First, I just cautiously dotted it on a one inch circle in one place on my face...waited overnight and I was pretty sure something good had taken place. So, I dotted the same circle again that day and by the second day I knew it wasn't my imagination...it was obvious that the circle was healing while the rest of my face remained the same. So...I cautiously quartered off my face and first did one quarter...waited a day. Second day...reapplied to original quarter and the third day reapplied to the original quarter. Since it was again obvious that accelerated healing was taking place only where I applied the solution I then applied to a new quarter...and so on. Things were healing much faster...and by the time I was ready to apply to the last quarter of my face I was also ready for an appointment at the doctor's. I showed him my face and asked him if he could see the differences in the quarters and he saw it immediately. Then he asked me what I had been doing because the healing was far surpassing his prior experience of the situation. So...I had to 'fess up and show him the bottle of Schreiner's. Both he and the other doctor were reading the ingredients and agreeing with them as well as describing to each other and me what each herb could do...I told you he was a holistic cosmetic surgeon. He asked if he could keep the bottle and then instructed his staff to "check into this further". He did get a little angry with me though...not because I used the Schreiner's because he could obviously see the positive results of that. The reason he was angry was that he wished I had told him ahead of time I was going to do it and he would have had me use it on only half my face and leave the other side to heal "normally"...so he could have had some kind of a controlled experiment. I told him it was my face that was being healed and I just couldn't keep it to one side after I began to see the results. To end this very long story...by taking a "chance" and using Schreiner's I took well over two weeks and closer to three weeks off the estimated six week healing period of that bad allergic reaction and my face and skin healed beautifully. I hope there is something here that you can use...but I know there is something here that makes you feel good about your product. Thanks for being there and thanks for Schreiner's. Peace, Jackie
—JACKIE, Palm Springs, CA
I have used Schreiner's on my horses for years, but recently my puppy was attacked by another dog. Her wounds were extensive. I used Schreiner's on her twice a day for about a month and the results were exceptional! Your product is not only great for horses! Thanks!
—Lisa McCann, Carnation, WA
Dear Schreiner's, I have a major medical disorder, which in addition to a number of other issues, caused me to develop a severe nail fungus (liver). I tried every home remedy out there, seriously - from corn starch to bleach to things even worse. I kid you not, my nails were black, green, blue and all colors in between. Extreme swelling, to where we teased in the family that my thumb looked like Popeye's on the cartoon when he blew it up...I went to the doctor, he gave me the bleach solution, then a couple prescriptions, which didn't work. So then I went on the net, and I tried everything, really, vinegar, bleach, the beer thing, everything - stuff so crazy you wouldn't believe. I then saw a dermatologist, frankly a premiere dermatologist in KC who said and I quote "I have never seen anything like this before". They cut off sections of my nail and sent it to a lab, and said that it was definitely fungal (but also another type of infection -due to my immune system giving over to the fungi) and gave me two prescriptions, one cream, one drops. Neither worked. So I went to Colorado on business, and saw a friend of mine who has horses (we all love to ride and love the animals, our buddies) and after telling her the whole story - she said, try Schreiner's - so I ordered it. I. am in my second month of almost faithful twice daily treatments (it's hard, cause I wash my hands so many times a day) - but I now have only one, small black spot. I still have discoloration, and distortion in shape and so on, but honestly...I think this is working. Now, first, many thanks. Second, if this is really going to work then you should look into branching out - there are many of us who have contracted illnesses (mine through an emergency c-section prior to blood testing for certain things) that would surely draw comfort and benefit from your product. Some time ago, when I was far more successful than now, I donated the 10K to start a non-profit for folks with Hep-C (which is what I have) - and I think that you need to get the word out about your product to others who have illnesses that impact imunodeficancy (or even soldiers, etc.) Because thank God and all that's holy, I believe this is working. Almost 10 years, black and blue, and puffed up and sore and raw skin and bleeding and now, I just have a tannish discolor in parts, and the one little part that is still black. At one point a doctor actually recommended to me a 'nailectomy' (sp?). Which was putting me under and cutting them all out. I can't believe it. My family and friends and so happy too, at one point a certain doctor even mentioned that should the infection continue I could loose fingers below the joint. I wish I had great pictures for your site to show improvement but this is something I have been very embarrasses about. But I am happy to give you the doctors names and do a medical release or whatever so you can use it if it will help you - help others - because I may just, some day, have healed hands because of you. Thank you. All good things to you and yours, and happy holidays. I just placed my second order and am in hopes that a couple more months will do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please go help other folks like me...if I can help (web development, marketing, etc - I volunteer) just let me know.
I have a 2 yr old palomino filly that got spooked and ran right into a barn door and split her head wide open. When I got her cleaned up, it took approximately 60 stitches to put her back together. I took Schreiner's and massaged it into her head twice daily for approximately 6 weeks and now you would not even know she had an injury.rn
—Cheryl Weitz, Baker City, OR
I'd just like to THANK YOU for your product. I have been using it for about 15 years now for numerous cuts, scrapes and huge ones as well. Recently my 27 year old gelding took a tree limb to the shoulder. I applied Schreiner's daily with awesome results. There really is not words to describe this stuff. I would very much like to send in before and after photos, pictures are worth a thousand words. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
My name is Jennifer Decker, and I am a former employee of Santolina Farm, Inc. I recently came across some pictures taken of a mare I worked with back in the winter of 2002/2003, and have since written a full testimonial to her case on my blog (the exact post is located at http://jldecker.livejournal.com/312343.html) Please, feel free to use these images as testimony of your product's ability. I am a full supporter of it! Thank you for such a fantastic product. Sincerely, JLDecker
—Jennifer Decker, Tucson, AZ
This is a GREAT product! I had a puncture wound on the forearm of my gelding and after a couple of weeks I still could not get it to heal. I had proud flesh coming along with flies on it. I tried costic powder, corona, wonder dust and anything I could find to use, to no avail. A friend who had used Schreiner's Herbal Solution suggested I try it. I had not even heard of it but I found it at a feed store 40 miles away and got some. I put it on that evening and I couldn't believe my eyes the next morning, What a huge improvement. Now after only a couple of weeks of use the wound is almost completely healed. It's a wonder drug! Thanks for a great product and it will always be in my tack room. Judi Petersen
WELL...I would like to be another testimonial!!! Star, an 8 yr old mare, had somehow gotten herself such a boo-boo! A 3-4 inch slash on her back left hip...oh my! Fortunately it did not slit her muscle...but you could see her muscle as the gash was at least 1" open from skin to skin! I have so many different products I've accumulated...but yours was the one I felt most comfortable spraying on...3 times a day! What a place to get kicked from as well, eh? Most of the time....she "settled" into it and allowed me to spray her wound. anywho.....it's done a great job healing...keeping off the bugs (better than "swat")...etc etc. thank you!!! we all say...thank you! Lailja
—Lailja Leila Ware, Bronson, FL
Hello! wrote to you last summer after an accident with my horse. I have used Schreiner's spray on the wounds and have had great results. I am sending you pictures of the first 4 weeks of healing. I have other pictures that have not turned out as well. She has very little scarring on her left hind leg as you will see from more current pictures. Her right hind leg still has some scarring visible on the medial and anterior hock. Otherwise it looks great. For the first 6 weeks I used Schreiner's twice a day and cleaned the wounds with Betadine every 3-4 days. I was also walking her twice a day. I have continued to use Schreiner's daily on the remaining wounds. Here is my story: On the 4th of July I had a lesson with a trainer I had hired to help me start my 3 year old Morgan mare. It was my 15th ride on her. He decided it was time to take her out on the trail. He rode another horse and was behind and on our right on a trail above the river. She balked at a couple of places where water crossed the trail, but continued forward. I had never been on this trail so when we came to a wooden bridge I assumed it was over a little stream. Bushes obscured the view so I could not see below the bridge. My horse started across the bridge, then stepped to the left and her left hind leg slipped off the bridge. I tried to ride her out and she was trying, but I felt her slip and drop down. I reached up to grab the brush and she fell out from under me. I don't remember anything until we were both sliding down a cement overflow ditch dropping down to the river. She was ahead of me on her back, kicking in the air. She had gone over backwards into the drainage after I grabbed the brush. We both ended up in the river and she just started swimming with the current. I got to the shore and tried to keep up with her. A fisherman in a one man tube picked me up and rowed me to the other side of the river where she had gotten out and she wouldn't let any of his friends near her. Both her back legs were bleeding. I had to lead her through the brush and dead fall to get to the other side where my trainer was bringing a trailer. Only we found we were on an island and had to cross more water. Another rider helped us cross and make our way through her pasture to the road. The vet came out and stitched her right hind leg and put a compression bandage on it. This stayed on for a week. I began immediately treating the other wounds with Schreiner's and treated the bandaged ones after the first week. I was using a large container every week for the first 6 weeks. The wound healing is nearly complete as you will see with the next pictures I will send. Unfortunately there is some soft tissue damage in her right leg which will take some time to heal. I will send current pictures soon so you will appreciate the amazing healing that has taken place! Sincerely, Lorinda Smith
—Lorinda Smith, Florence, MT
I was given your product by my mother-in-law who works at Choice Of Champions in Harrison, AR. I had a mustang that I had adopted that had gotten into the fence and was still very hard to handle. When given your product and told not to use the regular topicals, that were always my first resort, I was skeptic. Being able to just spray the solution on to the wound and not having to upset the mare anymore than needed was a blessing!!! She is fully healed, with no scars. Thank you! This solution is now my first and only choice, and I have recommended it to everyone with animals that I know. I have even used it on my dog after a fight with next door's pit bull. rnTHANK YOU!
—Misty Straw-Ruyle, Green Forest, AR
I've been using Schreiner's for probably 15 years. We call it "Miracle Stuff" It really sooths insect bites & just about anything that does not require vet attention! I'm excited to have Dover now nearby because they're the only ones who carry it & before I had to remember to order it. Thanks for a truly great product.
Hi Ya'll: Here are some updated pics of Belles wound @ 8 wks. Plus a few more of this adorable sweet little filly. Hope you all enjoy. Looking forward to showing her in the upcoming 2008 season. And I thought her show career was never going to happen. Now look at her. And here are some new photos of Belles wound, now 16 weeks healing. Seems now that the majority of the wound has healed it is taking way longer to see much difference. As she sheds her winter coat there will be some ridges and maybe the large bare area. All in all not bad compared to how severe it was. Thanks for all the support. Jennifer
—Jennifer Cline, Glendale, OR
I just had to tell you that I love you guys. I have some amazing photos I would like to send you. On September 22, 2007 my mare tore back foot open on some roofing material. She blew two arteries, tore a tendon and had two 1" cracks down in to her hoof from her coronet band. She lost a lot of blood, but the vet worked on it and after 8 stitches it looked a lot better. About 6 days later we lost the flap of skin that was stitched on. We have been using the Schreiner's everyday and her wound looks amazing. I have been using this product now for about 5 years. I love it! If you would be interested in seeing pictures, please let me know. I would be more than happy to send you some. Thanks again!!!
—Amy Barnett, Belleview, FL
The first two photos are from day 1. The mare tore the skin causing her to tear two arteries and she tore a tendon. The 3rd and 4th photos are from day 3. We lost the flap of skin about day 6. the 5th photo is on day 8 and the final photo is day 12. Even though we lost the flap of skin, it served it purpose of protecting where the tendon was located. In the final picture you can see that the tendon has been covered with new skin. We still have a long recovery, but I definitely plan on keeping my Schreiner's close by!!! Thank you so much!! Amy Barnett
—Amy Barnett, Belleview, FL
Thanks for a great product. I have been using Schreiner's many many years, with great success. However I have a story I would like to share with you. One week ago my 2 month old paint filly 'Shez Locked N Loaded' aka Belle had a collision with a gate latch. Belle lost. She has suffered a huge gaping hole on her right hip. With much muscle damage. We took her to the vet and repaired what we could. I told the vet I had Schreiner's at home and even he thought using Schreiner's would be a great idea. I have photos of the wound shortly after it happened and the day following the repair, now 1 week later. I would like to forward these photos to you so that you may/ or may not (your choice of course) use them on your website. I would also like to keep you informed and updated with new photos as Belle progresses. If this is something you may be interested may I have an email to send photos to. If not that's OK too, I would really like to express my gratitude for a product that is so amazing. Sincerely Jennifer Cline and Belle
—Jennifer Cline, Glendale, OR
I would like to share these photos with all at Schreiner's and to all who may use or think of using Schreiner's Herbal Solution. This is 'Shez Locked N Loaded' aka Belle. She was born June 8th 2007. On Aug 6th 2007 just a couple days before she turned 2 months old, this horrible accident occurred. This filly is amazing. Not only did she endure a 35 mile trip to her vet with this gaping wound, she has endure the flushing and scrubbing with Schreiner's daily. The first 6 photos are the wound about an hour after it happened, the next 6 are the following day after the vet put 56 staples and over 100 stitches to repair what we could. The lower portion had to be left opened due to the tightness of her skin over the hip. We tried every way even with both of us pulling the skin to bring both pieces together. No luck. The last 5 photos are 1 week following the accident. As you can see in the last photos the muscle tissue is starting to granulate and fill in. The wound oozes a large amount of goo. However between antibiotics and the daily cleansing it is not infection, just sloughing of bad flesh. I will send more photos soon. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks again for such an amazing product and for allowing us to share our story with you and your clients. Sincerely Jennifer Cline and Belle
—Jennifer Cline, Glendale, OR

No Scarring
Thank you so much! We wish we would have known about your product when this accident happened. Our beautiful sorrel paint filly was just weaned when she got pushed into a 4 inch spike on our fence we failed to trim off. Her gash was that same 4 inches deep and about 6 or 7 inches long. Immediately we had her stitched up, Oct 9, 2006, but it was in a bad spot that the Vet could not guarantee the stitches would hold - and they didn't We stupidly tried again a few days later, drain tubes and all. On Nov.7th the Vet's assistant told us about your product THEY SOLD RIGHT IN THEIR OFFICE. The wound began to heal immediately. This photo is Nov. 12th. This is what it looks like as of Jan'07. There is no evidence of scaring! Thank you again. Schreiner’s is ALWAYS going to be in our tack room!
—THE DEANS, City, State
A Final Word from Tiffany
This last photo was taken Sept 22. I should add, this horse is 27 years old. Quite the feat for a guy his age! Thanks again.
—TIFFANY, City, State
Tiffany Continued
Here are some very recent photos of my horse. He was injured on Aug 21st . Most likely he got his leg trapped under a board on the fence. There was deep muscle damage. The vet was able to pull the flap over the wound and use it as a living bandage. Eventually, the flap died and left us with a very messy looking wound. The first photo was taken on Sept 6th and the other photo was taken on the 9th. Amazing what 72 hours of time can do! The only thing we are treating his leg with is cold water hosings and Schreiner's Herbal Solution. When this injury first occurred, I thought for certain my old friend was going to be retired, but only after months of recovery. The vet saw him on the 13th of Sept to remove the final stitches and he is now once again going out in the pasture. I will keep updating you with photos. I am more than impressed with his recovery!! Thank you!!!
—TiFFANY, City, State
Severe Injury
I have a horse who suffered a severe injury to his forearm. We are still in recovery, but are making progress. The vet has us using Schreiner's Herbal Solution on his wound 2 times a day and it is doing much better. It is a huge wound and the owner of the barn was skeptical about its use on such a large wound. But there has been significant difference in just a few day. I would love to send photos of Harrison's progress to you.
TIFFANY, City, State